That first impression is arguably the most decisive moment in a potential romance. It pretty much determines whether or not you two possible lovebirds will ever want to see each other again. Basically the entire future of your potential relationship hangs in that moment when you introduce yourself and say hello. No pressure. Don't want to mess up that important first impression? Then avoid these common mistakes.

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    Sneak Attacks

    Don't pounce on unsuspecting prey. You're trying to get a date, not a show on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. Make sure you've shared some eye contact first. It'll give your target time to warm up to you or move away.

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    She may be talking about her recent bout with jury duty experiences, and it reminds you of that one time that you snuck in to the set of "Law &Order". Don't interrupt, this segue about how amazing you are, self-promotion, can easily be viewed as arrogant. Make that first meeting about getting to know her. don't make it an "all about me" tell-all book.

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    Being (Totally) Yourself

    Don't get me wrong, you want to be yourself - the best version of yourself! Maybe you were in a bad mood all day, or you have an annoying finger-tapping/leg-twitching habit. Try to suppress those feelings, and try not to even mention that you are getting a pimple, or have an annoying coworker. Don't bring down the mood.

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    Fearing Rejection

    Why fear rejection when there's a 100% chance that someday, it will, in fact, happen to you? It's really just a matter of not taking those occasional strikeouts personally, and holding them as grudges against possible new opportunities. Resist the urge to think that you're an unloveable ogre, and you may be surprised by the results!

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