I know times are tight. For the last few years,we've had to watch our budgets and even cut out some fun stuff we want.

So how can you afford to give to Food-A-Bago?

Here's what I learned years ago. I tend to occasionally buy things at the grocery store that I think I will use and never do. One time it was black beans. Another time it was garlic mashed potatoes. There they sat in my pantry until a year later when I pitched everything that expired. Those went into the trash, along with some soup I was well intentioned to buy.

Don't fret if you can't afford to buy an item for our Food-A-Bago, just go through your pantry. You will be surprised at what you find! And if you can only donate one can or box of non-perishable food... it's ok. Every can and box helps.

C.H.O.W. has been struggling to keep up with demand since Tropical Storm Lee hit. They are slowly rebounding, just like all of us.

When I was unemployed for a lengthy period, I finally caved and used the local food pantry.  And when I saw how big the sheer volume of people who used it was, I promised myself to give back as much as I could. It's not easy needing the services of C.H.O.W. for many. But it is easy to let your friends and neighbors know that someone cares.

Because of your donation, the service is there if someone ever gets laid off or ill and need to go to C.H.O.W. Maybe you've struggled once or twice? Most of us have. So we understand what a blessing it is to be able to turn to the community for a hand up. It's not a hand out!

Please stop buy Food-A-Bago and our Jim's RV of Nichols RV in the Weis Market parking lot on Upper Front Street in Binghamton. I'll be there through Friday from 5 to 10 am and Don Morgan will be out in the afternoons. Oh, our buddy Louie G. from our sister station Wild 104 is there all day too.

Monday is our last day and we'll be there this weekend. We always have C.H.O.W. barrels there too.

Thanks my friends. With your help, the Southern Tier will become stronger than ever.

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