Every year, I see research about how buying a "personal" gift is the best way to go for the Holidays.

Being sentimental, I understand how this works well, but I think many don't. If you want that big 'oh my God!" reaction, pay attention!

Growing up, we all had little objects that held sentimental value. For me, there were many, including a tin measuring cup. My Grammy and I used to cook chocolate pudding together and we used that cup to measure the milk out.

I found a cup exactly like it over the weekend at an antiques store! Naturally, I bought it. Now when I look at it, all those fond memories come back.

One year, I got my Sister a set of Pyrex primary color mixing bowls just like my Mom had. She was over the moon. I found them on Ebay.

So you see, to get someone the perfect gift, all you have to do is get one that brings back good memories. That means you have to know (well) the person you are shopping for. that also means shopping off the beaten path! it is a lot of fun going on a hunt like this and yes, you can even look online.

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