Who spends a week of vacation in the dead of winter without going somewhere warm and sunny? Well, that would be me.

I don't do this every year, but I thought it would be good to take a few days off and do pretty much nothing. Maybe it's a test of what retirement might look like. If so, I need to rethink that idea and make sure that I have something planned besides just sitting home doing nothing.

But, I did more than I thought I would over the week off. It began with visiting the campground in Pennsylvania where my travel trailer sits. I like to take a mid-winter visit every year to make sure everything is good. Except for tightening up a couple of tarps around by stored items, all was good.

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Although, the mice seem to be invincible. I placed moth balls inside and outside the camper, but they came in anyway. It seems nothing prevents those rodents from scampering around my camper and leaving little droplets of poop everywhere.

In addition to taking a couple of trips to Syracuse and Elmira, I decided to take a ride to the Corning area to visit my Mom. I don't get home very often, sot it was nice to take some time off to visit her. I also did some cleaning and rearranging things around the house out of pure boredom.

Now that I'm back to work, I'm looking forward to the next vacation week, where I'll be firmly planted in front of a roaring fire with a cool beverage next to my travel trailer when the camping season begins in May.

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