What I did on my summer vacation. That phrase certainly has to take on a new meaning for the summer of 2020. Many will answer with a stay-cation or nothing much at all.

Do you remember having to do a report about what you did on summer vacation shortly after starting school in the fall? I had that assignment a couple of times in middle school. My summers growing up were fun for the most part. We didn't go on vacations out of town much. If we did, it was to someplace regional like a weekend at the St. Lawrence Seaway or to Niagara Falls. Pretty much places within New York State.

The most fun summer vacations were the ones we spent in the Finger Lakes. My family and a few of my relatives would rent a cottage (separately)  at either Keuka Lake or Seneca Lake for a week. I preferred Keuka Lake to swim in because of the warmer water temperatures. Seneca Lake was a bit too cold for me, but I still jumped in on those hot summer days.

Whether it was my family or one of my relatives who rented a cottage for a week, we would invite everyone to come spend a day at the lake. We had a schedule of who was coming when, so everyone didn't show up on the same day.

It was a fun way to spend time with our relatives in a different setting. It was like going on vacation with the relatives, but for just one day. That was probably a good thing now that I think of it.

I remember one year we rented a cottage on Seneca Lake that came equipped with a 'destroilet.' It's a incinerator toilet. And you had better steer clear before setting that thing off if you know what I mean. If I never see one of those contraptions again, I will die a happy man.

So, during this pandemic, how did you spend your summer vacation? What was the most fun vacation you've ever taken?

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