While professional sports teams are trying to determine how to resume , finish or start their seasons we now know that in New York with schools staying closed there will be no scholastic spring sports played.  Where it goes from here remains to be seen.  There is growing concern that fall sports could be delayed, altered or cancelled as well.

What about your favorite professional teams ?  None of the major professional sports has been able to come up with a concrete plan to get their season underway or completed.  These has been talk about the National Hockey League returning to competition by late June or early July. The question remains as to whether they would compete in some sort of altered playoff setup or whether they would finish the regular season first.

The first signs of the NBA returning may come on May 8.  There was talk about getting small groups of players together for workouts today (May 1) but the Atlanta Hawks led the way in holding off until one week later at the earliest.

Major League Baseball is still trying to sort out venues, cities and states. There is one proposal that would have all teams based in Arizona.  Several questions exist about any return.  How do you keep participants healthy ?  Baseball has proposed isolating all players and staff away from the public and away from their families.  How do they propose to enforce that stipulation.  Do they really believe they can keep the participants away from wives, girl friends and their kids ?  What happens if someone has an illness or death in the family that requires them to leave the headquarters ?  Would they have to self-quarantine upon arrival back to the team for 14 or more days ?

And there is another question.  All the proposals have no fans in attendance. Even if games can be played would you watch or listen to games with no crowd in view ?  People may be missing games so much they would watch at first but after a week or so would the games be exciting enough to hold your attention ? Networks could mix in sound effects and crowd noise but it would be a tough sell after a few games.  With no fans and large amounts of revenue missing would watching appeal to you ?

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