Unemployment benefits are set to expire in September, there is now an updated system in place to provide partial unemployment benefits based on the number of hours you have worked. According to wgrz.com, the updates are meant for people who lost full-time and are now working part-time. Now if you are working fewer than 30 hours a week or making less than $500.00 per week you are eligible.

Some Facts About Unemployment Are

When filing for unemployment benefits during the pandemic, New York State is still waving the 7 day waiting period for people who are out of work due to COVID-19 closures or quarantines. Another fact is if you missed your filing day, be sure to file between Thursday and Sunday, any claim that you file will be backdated to the day you became unemployed.

The partial unemployment breakdown is as follows.

  • 01-10 hours or 0 days will get a 0% reduction in UI
  • 11-16 hours or 1 day will get a 25%  reduction in UI
  • 17-21 hours or 2 days will get a 50% reduction in UI
  • 22-30 hours or 3 days will get a 75%  reduction in UI
  • 31+ hours    or 4 days will get a 100% reduction in UI
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There have been several job openings and help wanted signs all around Western New York, I think residents in Buffalo are starting to find ways to manage going to work now that kids are headed back to school. Also with the approval of the Pfizer vaccines, hopefully, there will be more people getting vaccinated, which will keep businesses open and also allow for schools to remain in full in-person learning, which is a win for everyone.

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