Ozzy Osbourne has released a new version of “Hellraiser” featuring the late Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead.

The new version of “Hellraiser” arrives 30 years after the original song was released on Osbourne’s 1991 LP, No More Tears. An expanded digital version of the album will be released on Sept. 17 alongside non-expanded CD and vinyl reissues.

Kilmister helped write four of the album’s songs: “Mama, I’m Coming Home,” “I Don’t Want to Change the World,” “Desire” and “Hellraiser.”

You can hear the new version of "Hellraiser" and see the track listing for the expanded digital edition of No More Tears below.

“I hope everyone enjoys the song,” Osbourne said in a press release. “This is just a small way to honor my friend Lemmy. Sharon [[Osbourne] and I talk a lot about how much we miss him.”

"That was one of the easiest gigs I ever had,” Kilmister said in his autobiography, White Line Fever, about writing with Osbourne. “Sharon rang me up and said, 'I'll give you X amount of money to write some songs for Ozzy', and I said, 'All right – you got a pen?' I wrote six or seven sets of words, and he ended up using four of them. ... I made more money out of writing those four songs than I made out of 15 years of Motorhead – ludicrous, isn't it?"

For his part, Osbourne was blown away by how quickly Kilmister worked. “He’d write a bunch of lyrics for my songs,” Osbourne recalled earlier this year, noting that the Motorhead frontman had material ready after just a few hours. “So, I got back, and he goes, ‘What do you think about these?’ And I go, ‘Oh, great.’ He then goes, ‘What about these?’ I go, ‘Oh, you got two?’ He goes, ‘No, I got another one – three.’ I go, ‘You have written three sets of lyrics?’ He said, ‘Yeah … and that book was crap!’ I said, ‘What book?’ He says, ‘The book you gave me.’”

Motorhead recorded their own version of "Hellraiser," too. The song appeared on their 1992 LP, March or Die. That version was also featured in the 1992 horror movie Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.

Ozzy Osbourne, 'No More Tears' Expanded Digital Track Listing
1. "Mr. Tinkertrain"
2. "I Don’t Want to Change the World"
3. "Mama, I’m Coming Home"
4. "Desire"
5. "No More Tears"
6. "Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N)"
7. "Hellraiser"
8. "Time After Time"
9. "Zombie Stomp"
10. "A.V.H."
11. "Road to Nowhere"
12. "Don’t Blame Me"*
13. "Party With the Animals"*
14. "I Don't Want To Change The World" (demo)**
15. "Mama, I'm Coming Home" (demo)**
16. "Desire" (demo)**
17. "Time After Time" (demo)**
18. "Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N)" (demo)**
19. "Mrs J." (demo)**
20. "I Don't Want to Change the World" (live)†
21. "Road to Nowhere" (live)†
22. "No More Tears" (live)†
23. "Desire" (live)†
24. "Mama, I'm Coming Home" (live)††
* bonus tracks currently on the digital album at DSP’s
** demos from the 1991 promo CD The No More Tears Demo Sessions (also the Prince of Darkness box set), not currently at DSP’s
† live audio from Memoirs of a Madman DVD, San Diego 1992, not currently at DSP’s
†† live audio from Memoirs of a Madman DVD, MTV 1992, not currently at DSP’s

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