Do you remember when Binghamton University was called SUNY Binghamton, or SUNY-B for short? It was hard to get used to the name change when the college was changed to Binghamton University. Personally, I prefer to refer to the college by that name or simply BU.

If you have lived in the greater Binghamton area for a while, you know that SUNY Binghamton was not the original name. I mistakenly thought the original name was Harpur college, but I was wrong.

The Binghamton University website states that the college was formed in 1946 as Triple Cities College, located in Endicott. The college was a branch of Syracuse University. Then in 1950, the college became a part of the State University of New York, SUNY for short, and was renamed Harpur College.

And speaking of Harpur College, did you know that over the course of the many years that the college has been around, there have been six mascots? It's true.

The Binghamton University website lists the first mascot in 1954. It was a Mexican Burro named Harpo. This mascot was a gift to the college from the graduating class over other considerations - American Eagle, Irish Wolfhound, and Great Dane. Not sure that they were smoking back then to come up with the mascot that they chose, but whatever.

Well, turns out Harpo wasn't the best choice for a mascot apparently since the college ended up removing Harpo from the campus grounds due to his aggressive nature toward the students. Was there a reason for Harpo being mean to students? I have to wonder. Maybe the Burro just wasn't a fan of being tethered to a flag pole. Understandable.

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