According to, today is National telephone Day. Who doesn't remember the landline telephone? Does anyone have one anymore? Yes, there are landline phones offered that connect to the internet, but are there any telephone company offers a landline service in its traditional form?

I'm sure we all have fond and not so fond memories of having a landline telephone. My excitement was talking to someone beyond the local calling area. Even if it was only a couple of counties away, that was a big deal to me. Of course long distance charges ensued, so the call had to be short.

I remember making a call home when I was vacationing in the United Kingdom. That was such a thrill, that is until the bill came. But it was worth the experience of calling from another country.

Things I disliked about the landline phone was the circular dial. Yes, it was only seven numbers to dial in, but it took too long, and I can be impatient. When I was living at home, my parents could only afford a party line, so it was a bit inconvenient when I picked up the phone only to hear someone else on the line, especially when I was attempting to call a girl that I liked.

My parents eventually purchased a private line and bought one of those new slimline phones. I thought that was so cool. That brought our home into 1960 technology. The downside was that the phone was in my parents bedroom, so I didn't get to use it much. I continued to make my calls from that clunky old wall phone in the kitchen.

One of my most cherished memories of using a landline telephone was when I called into the local radio station to try and win a six pack of soda. And I won! I was so nervous and excited. Who knew that a few years later, I'd be that person asking for a caller to win prizes?

Do I miss the landline telephone? Nope. Long live the mobile phone, although I can only imagine what generations beyond us will be using. But then again, does anyone use a phone to talk to a person? Well, I do, but more and more, people prefer to text. I'm not a fan of texting. Let's talk, Okay?

Happy National LandLine Telephone Day.


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