The Moody Blues, The Cars, Bon Jovi and the Dire Straits. What do they all have in common? They are all a part of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

My thoughts on these selections? Spot on. Four amazing rockers. Their contributions to the rock-n-roll universe are many. They have helped shape what the music world is like today. So many bands and solo artists have looked up to these bands as inspiration.

I've only had the pleasure of meeting one of these bands - Bon Jovi. They were in the Whale studio back in the 80s, while the band was in it's early years. I remember stuffing them all into a small car to bring them from the hotel to 122 State Street for an interview.

The Moody Blues have always been one of my favorite bands. I'm Just a Singer in a Rock-n-Roll Band and Nights in White Satin are my favorite Moody Blues tunes. For me, The Cars were one of the turning points from the sound of the 70s to the sound of the 80s rock. And the Dire Straits - one of the pioneers of the MTV age. The world of music changed again with the emergence of Mark Knopfler and crew.

Congratulations to these four amazing bands. For this week's Classic Rock Pick, take a look back in video, the awesomeness of four bands from the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2018.


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