47 years ago over 400,000 people gathered in Bethel for the Woodstock Festival and the very next year the Grateful Dead performed right here in Binghamton.

Richard Nixon was president, Marcus Welby was the number one show on television, the New York Knicks were NBA champions, and The Grateful Dead performed at Harpur College in Binghamton. What year was it?

Although this performance was ranked number six on the all time best Grateful Dead performances, many 'Dead Heads' rank this show the best ever!

Harpur College is known today as Binghamton University, and on May 2, 1970 the legendary line up of musicians who called themselves 'The Grateful Dead' performed on campus.

I was too young to even know who they were at that time, but many residents of this area remember that show. Most even got their first taste of the ultimate people's band.

The campus has had its share of visits from legends throughout the years, including George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama.

Last year there was a major motion picture made about the university called 'The Rewrite' starring Hugh Grant.

When you look back through the years, most people would still consider the May 2, 1970 concert the most historic, and memorable moment in Harpur College history.

How many of you were there? We would love to hear about your memories of this performance. Feel free to drop me a line doug@991thewhale.com.

Check out some of the May 2, 1970 live performance from The Grateful Dead, below:

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