With the Democrats regaining control in New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo is already talking about taking quick action on many different topics including gun control.

After the horrific shooting that took place on November 7 that killed 12 people at a bar in California, New York State's Governor took to Twitter and Tweeted; "this is an epidemic, in the upcoming legislative session New York will take additional steps to keep our community safe. Congress should follow our lead". And he used the hashtag #guncontrolnow

 The New York Post is saying Cuomo wants to make gun safety one of his legacies and that the Senate and assembly will focus on strengthening New York's already tough gun laws.

Newsday reported that some of the new gun laws could include raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21 years of age instead of the current 18 years of age.

Newsday also reports the possibility of extending the waiting period on gun purchases if red flags arise during the federal background check.

The midterm elections put the Democrats in control of the New York State Senate for just the third time in the last 50 year.

With the Democrats taking control next year, Cuomo vowed to pass quick reforms that were blocked by Republicans in the past such as; the Dream Act, early voting, and strengthening the state's abortion law.

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