When my friend called early this year to tell me that she found the man of her dreams and asked if I would attend her summer wedding, I didn't hesitate to promise to be there. And then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

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My friend's May wedding went on but not at all in the way she expected it would. She and her new husband were married virtually by a priest with no family, no friends, no cake to cut, and no first dance to share.

While sad, my friend took things as pretty well and when she reached out to say she and her new husband would be hosting a small reception for their closest friends and family in September, I said I would be there. But then heads of states started restricting travel to various states and I had to tell her that as long as Maryland remained on the list, I wouldn't be able to make her reception either. I sincerely thought that I would have to wait another six months to a year to see my friend again...until I woke up to some exciting news today.

My friend's wedding reception will be held in Maryland on Saturday, September 5, and unless something happens between now and then, I will be able to be there because New York has lifted quarantine requirements for those traveling to and from Maryland.

What's more is that Governor Cuomo has removed four additional states from his list of unsafe places to travel and they are Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, and Montana. Anyone traveling to or from those states will no longer be required to quarantine for 14 days.

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