The Southern Tier has never been known for having a 'Dry Season' but this past winter and much of the spring have not been the traditional seasons we are used to seeing.

The amount of daylight increases approximately 1 hour and 18 minutes from April 1st to April 30th with the end of the month bringing about 14 hours of daylight.

The average temperature for Binghamton in April is 54.3F degrees, this April we are averaging 46.15F.

I remember the April months of my childhood being rainy a great deal of the time, in fact I had a standing joke whenever I would be out of town traveling back home, I would say once I hit rain I knew I was just about home.

I also remember winters with so much snow that we dug holes through big mounds of it to make a fort.

I do believe our planet is evolving and I'm certain that has something to do with the weather, but I don't know the effects of climate change versus our individual carbon footprints.

Although it looks like the final days of April will be wet.

The predictions for May will start out in the low 60's and by the end of the month we should be steady in the 70's with some hotter days.

I enjoy the cooler days of 65 degree weather, but the Hazy Hot and Humid days are on the way.

Welcome to May.