My wife Chris and I belong to a couple’s golf league at Conklin Players Club. Every week we play different games for skins money if you will. We play low net, closest to the pin, least number of putts, and games like that.

This week, by my wife’s suggestion, we played what's called Red, White and Blue. The men had to choose three holes to play from the blue tees, three for the white tees, and three from the red tees. The women had to do three from the white tees, three from the red tees, and three from the gold tees.

If you don't golf, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Then again, if you don't golf, you're probably not reading this article to begin with. But if you are, let me explain.

Blue tees are set up at the golf course for very good golfers. It makes the yardage of the hole longer and therefore, it makes the hole more difficult. The white tees are where men tee off from, and they are a little closer to the hole. Red tees are where women tee off from, they are even closer to the hole, and the gold tees are for older players to tee off from. Some courses the gold tees are for players 65 and over, some courses are 70 and over, and they are usually between the white tees and the red tees.

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I chose holes number 6, 8, and 9 to tee off from the red tees. Each one has a massive advantage over both the white and especially the blue tees. Hole number 6 alone, the women get a 150 yard advantage out of the tee box.

It made for a fun night of golf, and a night full of strategy. So if you're in a golf league and you're looking to do something fun and different, maybe you should try playing Red, White and Blue.

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