Tonight marks opening night of our couples golf league at Conklin Players Club. This is the 15th. year that Chris and I have played in this league. Over the years it is changed days of the week three times. It started on Tuesdays, move to Wednesdays for one year, and has been on Monday nights ever since.

There is only one other team that has been in the league longer than we have, and that is Ken and Mary. Ken has run the league for 14 of the fifteen years we have been there. Another team Dave and Kathy have been in the league for at least 13 years.

Every year teams come and go but the majority of the teams have been in the league for the last five years or so. We have all become friends over the years and we really look forward to seeing each other.

Tonight is the first night of the season and we really have no idea what to expect with the Coronavirus restrictions. One thing we know for sure is we will not be able to have the after golf ritual of dinner and drinks upstairs in the clubhouse.

When it comes to golf itself, we are not sure if we will all have our own carts, or if people that live in the same house can share a cart. I guess we will find out when we get there. I'm pretty sure we will have to wear masks when we are within six feet of each other.

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Usually as we're walking off the green, if someone that just finished putting left a wedge on the side of the green, one of  us will grab it for them. I don't think we're supposed to do that for the time being. And after we are done golfing the men usually shake hands and the women hug each other and the man from the other team. I'm guessing that's not going to happen either.

Chris and I have only golf twice this year and that was back in March when we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. So even though there are restrictions in place, and we won't be
able to do the things we usually do at golf, we are both excited to see our friends, meet the new teams, and be able to golf.

Check back tomorrow to see what the new normal is, at least for now.

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