Regarded by many as the "greatest golfer of all-time" Jack Nicklaus spoke with the media and a large contingent of fans at the UHS Golf Expo presented by Dr. Bai Lee at En Joie Golf Club this (Thursday) afternoon.  The "Golden Bear" spoke about his career, his ability to dominate the tour over a long period of time and the state of professional golf today.

Nicklaus won 18 Major Championships, the most ever and three more than Tiger Woods.  He and Arnold Palmer developed quite a rivalry as the duo became the dominant figures on the PGA Tour.

Nicklaus is impressed with the quality of play from a number of golfers on the PGA Tour today. "Today I think we have more good players in the game than we ever had.  The game is very healthy, tournament golf is very healthy.  Anyone of these young guys can win any week they go out there".

Nicklaus finished his career with 73 PGA Tournament wins along with ten PGA Tour Championships.  He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. This is his first appearance at En Joie Golf Club.  He did not play in either the B.C.Open or the Dick's Sporting Goods Open.




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