Jack Tempchin, a longtime collaborator of late Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey, released a lyric video for his recording of “One More Time With Feeling,” a track he co-wrote with Frey before his death.

It’s the title song of Tempchin's new album, which will be released on Friday. He said there are several more works he discovered in a stack of demos from the early ‘90s.

You can watch the video below.

“It’s between five and 10 more things in various stages," he told Billboard in a new interview. "I’ve got at least a couple that I’m very excited about.” He added that he considered working with others to record the songs but concluded “it’s me or nobody – otherwise no one’s going to hear it.”

Tempchin said he’d seen the current lineup of the Eagles, featuring Frey’s son Deacon and Vince Gill, and said it was “fantastic." “I was sitting in San Diego listening to them play ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling,’ and San Diego’s where I wrote the song and I’m going, ‘Wow, it's 40-some years later and I’m in an arena and everyone is singing along to this song,’" he said. "Which, of course, you would never have a clue that was gonna happen when you’re in your bedroom writing it. It was a great moment ... a really major kind of completion of a circle for me.”

In an archive interview on the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show, Frey recalled how he came to use the phrase “El Blurto” for his working relationship with Tempchin.

“Sometimes when you get together and you’re having conversation, and you’re sitting there with legal pads and guitars or taped music, and you’re trying to write a song … every once in a while you’ll have these moments when you go, ‘How about this?’" he explained. "You write four lines or you write six lines or you write two lines that you think are really good. We always sort of think that’s like ‘El Blurto.’”

He added that "sometimes you can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do, and you need to get free a little bit sometimes. Jack is actually very responsible for loosening me up a little bit, and getting me sort of unafraid to try things.”


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