I don't know if Girl Scouts give out badges for creative thinking, but maybe they should.

Is that time of year again, where if you go to Sam's Club or Walmart in Vestal, you will hear a little girl's voice asking if you would like to buy Girl Scout Cookies. Sometimes you find them set up inside local Dunkin Donuts as well as in front of grocery stores throughout the Binghamton area. I'm sure they do good business in those places, but I bet their sales lack in comparison to this Girl Scout Troop.

A Girl Scout Troop in Chicago set up shop selling cookies outside of Dispensary 33. According to KETV, six and seven year old Girl Scouts from Troop 25818 set up a table full of cookies outside the marijuana dispensary, and they sold about 230 boxes in one day.

When asked if it was okay for them to sell the cookies outside of the dispensary, they said that they are permitted to sell outside of any legal business.

The concept of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a places where you can purchase legal marijuana is nothing new. In fact, I had a blog last year about other Girl Scout Troops setting up outside dispensaries in California and Colorado, two states where marijuana has been legal for years.

According to the report, on January 1st, 2020, marijuana became legal in the state of Illinois.

Come on New York and Pennsylvania, it another benefit to make recreational use of marijuana legal. You can help out the Girl Scouts big time.

[via: KETV]

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