Okay, everyone... Girl Scout Cookies season is nearly upon us. They have officially added a new potential big seller to their arsenal. You ready for this? Girl Scout Cookie CEREAL!

Now please check out the info below, while I check out how I'm going to manage the diabetes that I will inevitably get by eating this cereal day and night.

According to BroBible:

Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch will headline the Girl Scouts’ first foray into the world of cereal. It was reported first on Instagram by @candyhunting (the Instagram account above), and it was corroborated earlier this morning on NBC’s TODAY Show as well as over on BuzzFeed.

I can’t imagine ever eating this cereal for breakfast because I’d feel like a complete fucking slob eating crystallized candy cookies for my first meal of the day but as a late night snack? Sure.

If you missed the announcement of the new Girl Scouts Cookies flavors you can catch this preview here:


[via BroBible]