It's no secret that I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. So far this season we are off to a good start, but I never count my chickens before they hatch, especially when it comes to my beloved Eagles. But Giant fans I am jealous of you. I think it is awesome that we carry the Giants here on 99.1 The Whale. You get to listen to the pregame show hosted by Lance Meadows with Co-host Jeff Feagles. Then you listen to the game with Bob Papa, Carl Banks, and Howard Cross. Then after the game, you get the post-game recap, including interviews with the players and the coaches post-game press conference. I wish a radio station around here carry the Eagles radio broadcast so I could enjoy the behind-the-scenes look, or should I say listen, that you get with the Giants here on the Whale.

When you think about Giants games, most of them are televised on Fox. The Fox broadcasters move from town to town every week, study up on the teams they are covering that week, and then the following week, they're off to announce another game. The Giants Radio Network focuses in on The Giants and the team they're playing that week. You will get more inside information listening to the game here then you will watching it on TV. Plus, Feagles, Banks, and Cross all played for the Giants which gives you a much better perspective than Joe Buck.

Your best bet is to turn down the volume on the TV and turn up The Whale while the Giants games are on. Giants games are brought to you locally by New York Pizzeria, for the finest and Gourmet Pizza in the Vestal Plaza. The next game is this Sunday with pregame starting at 3:25 as the G-Men host The Seahawks

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