We love golf and we love music. It goes together well, especially when it happens locally.

Wednesday (1/11), around 11am, the officials at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open will be making the announcement of who will be on stage the Friday night of the tournament, which runs this year from August 14th through the 20th.

Ther's been plenty of speculation, and past years have proven to be very popular, so this year should be no different. There have been country and pop acts among others, so the question is, what will we get to enjoy at En-Joie this August?

I'm thinking this could be the biggest act ever to take the stage at the Dick's Sporting Good Open, but what do I know? Maybe more than I should? Just maybe.

We'll let you know as soon as we know tomorrow, so be listening Wednesday to 99.1 The Whale, on our website and Facebook too. I'm excited!


[via DICK’S Sporting Goods Open]

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