Have you noticed gas prices are going up again? In just a few short months we are over $2 a gallon and rising.

Triple A predicts gas prices will climb another 30 to 50 cents by the end of the month, so Greater Binghamton residents could be paying anywhere from $2.50 to $2.75 a gallon for regular unleaded.

We can only speculate why this is happening and I think it could be many factors including election year. Rumors also say that the refiners are switching over to a more expensive blend for the warmer months, or many feel it's summer and people are spending more money to travel so why not rake in the profits, it's the American way..

The taxes that we pay on each gallon of liquid gold is supposed to help pay for repairs on our highways, I hope that is true but many Americans feel that's not entirely true.

I remember gas rationing back in the 70's, there were a few times that Americans were affected and had to wait in long lines, in the later part of the seventies, they had odd and even gas days, if  your license plate number had an odd number you could only fill up on odd calendar days, and even plat numbers for even days.

The big question is will gas ever fall to less than $2 a gallon again? And will we ever see gas rationing in this country again?

Check out some video on what the rationing days in the 70's were like.