You've heard of the 'Garbage Plate', right? Well if not, it's apparently a very popular combination of various types of food mixed together for consumption, invented in Rochester, New York.

So popular, other restaurants have come up with their own version of this interesting combination of food. I have never tasted the original garbage plate, but I think it needs to be added to my bucket list of foods to try.

The original garbage plate is served up at Nick Tahou Hots Restaurant in Rochester, founded in the early 1900s by current owner Alex Tahous's grandfather. The restaurant was passed on to his father and then Alex according to Wikipedia.

A garbage plate as listed on the Nick Tahou Hots website order form can be a combination of a lot of types of food, including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, fish, Italian sausage, baked beans, french fries, home fries and macaroni salad among other choices.

According to the Rochester First website (WROC-TV), the building is for sale. If you have 975,000 dollars and are the lucky person to buy the building and restaurant, you would have the honor to continue the tradition of serving up the original garbage plate. If you did, what would you do? Would you leave the food options the same, or maybe add some new items for more garbage plate combinations? I'd leave it as is. Best not to mess with perfection.

I'm sure those the Rochester area and beyond are relieved that whoever takes over, will get to continue with the restaurant and serve the famous garbage plate that so many have come to enjoy. I think a trip to Rochester needs to be in my near future plans.

via WIkipedia, Rochester First (WROC-TV), Nick Tahou Hots

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