Stay clear of that ladder, watch out for that black cat heading into your path, and while you're at it, postpone any parties and cancel the wedding too.

Despite the fact that many people view Friday the 13th as an extremely unlucky day, there is no scientific proof or no real reason to believe these dates are unlucky.

The fear of the number 13 goes back to the times of Jesus, when Judas the 13th apostle, who betrayed him, and Jesus was crucified on a Friday., thus creating a double whammy of fears.

Some interesting facts on Friday the 13th and the number 13.

The number 13 is considered lucky by Italians

Friday the 13th happens at least once every year, and at most there are three.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt would never have a 13th guest at a meal, nor would he travel on the 13th day of any month.

Dan Marino, former NFL quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, is considered one of the greats QBs by some, and he wore the number 13.He was lucky enough to play in one super bowl, but he lost the game.

Hollywood has capitalized on the Friday the 13th superstitions. Four of the 12 movies released were done so on Friday the 13th.

20 million people are affected by Friggatriskaidekaphobia

Personally I never give it much thought, it's just another day.

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