For those of us who suffer from Spring allergies the time is here. For allergy sufferers in the Northeast the months of April and May can be tough.  The weather begins to improve and as it does trees, grass and weeds begin to come alive and as they do pollen counts go up.  It can make a wonderful time of year miserable at times.

Itching, burning and watery eyes and running noses can come and go but often stay for much of the blooming season.  When allergies strike you can feel tired and lethargic.  All this is compounded by the current concerns over COVID-19.

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If you have seasonal averages that kick-in around this time of year you know what it feels like.  The strong, gusty winds we have had the past couple of days blow the pollen around and can make symptoms worse. Today's (Tuesday's) tree pollen count rose from a .9 reading on Monday to 10.6 which is considered high-moderate to high.


Over the counter medications can help but sometimes the pollen becomes heavy enough that those may not help much.  Some medical experts advise staying indoors on extremely windy days or to wear a mask when outdoors.  And sounds like the precautions many of us are taking are need to battle allergy season as well.


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