At the end of each day of our annual Food-A-Bago to benefit Broome County CHOW and families in the county, I let you in on how our progress turned out.

As for donations, days 1 through 4, were OK, but below where we have been in past years at this juncture of the food drive, although you know my memory isn't always the sharpest.

But, day 5...well, what a turn around!
The visits were steady and the donations were plentiful to the point where we are beginning to have to watch where we walk inside the Jim's RV, for fear of tripping over the non-perishable food.

Many individuals, families, businesses and some organizations stopped by to donate food, and we thank them profusely!

Now,it;s on the the weekend.
Saturday and Sunday will be great weather days (warm and hopefully dry), and a good excuse to get outside, take a ride, stop by your favorite grocery store and drop off any amount of non-perishable food to the RV, so we can fill this thing up with food to the point where we literally have no room to move inside, by the time this all ends Monday morning.

If it's non-perishable, and it's in cans, boxes, plastics or bags, we can accept it.

The RV is located in the parking lot of the Weis Food Market on Upper Front Street, Binghamton, across from the I-81 entrance ramp.

We'd love to have you come inside and visit too!
We are there accepting your non-perishable food for Broome County CHOW fro 9am to 8p both Saturday and Sunday , and from 5am to 10am on Monday.

Thanks in advance, and hope to see you at the RV this weekend!

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