Food-A-Bago food donations!
Food-A-Bago food donations!

Three days in, four and a half left to achieve our goal of filling up a camper with non-perishable food for Broome County C.H.O.W. and families in the Broome County area.
So, how are we doing, you may ask?

Well, it's a good start and thank you to everyone who has stopped by so far.
I've had people apologize for only being able to donate one item, but you know what?
That one item is as great a donation as a truck-full of food donations.
That's because it's the thought and act of helping families in need that's the most important thing with our food drive.
So thank you for that one item and thank you for the many food items that others have dropped off.

How can you help?
Stop by our camper (or as it's technically called - a 35 foot Fifth Wheel , thanks to Jim's RV) and donate what you can - any non-perishable food.
We are staffing the camper with radio personalities every day, and we have Broome County C.H.O.W. barrels out front of the camper that you can drop food into if we're not in the camper at the time or you're just in a hurry.
Otherwise, come on inside and visit us, because it can get lonely sometimes!
We also have Broome County C.H.O.W. barrels at Warner's Gas Service on Old Vestal road, Vestal and Conklin Road, Conklin and at Tall Pines Farm, Stoves and Fireplaces on Route 167 in Kingsley, PA.

We're looking for non-perishable foods, specifically foods geared to children and teens, but we'll accept anything like canned vegetables, soups, fruits, pastas, cereals, oatmeal, and peanut butter.
Yes, we will be there all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday Morning as a final push.
Thanks for your donation!

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