Our annual Food-A-Bago Food Drive for Broome County C.H.O.W. is in the books for 2013.
Over the past 7 and a half days, we had the pleasure of meeting great people who took time out of their busy days to stop by and drop off food.
Was our food drive a success?

Why of course it was!
As I mentioned before, as soon as the first can of food passed through the door and into the camper, we considered our food drive a success.
It's all through the generosity of our listeners, that the annual Food-A-Bago is a huge success, and the folks at Broome County C.H.O.W. are truly amazed, impressed and thankful that the community pulls together to help others in our area who are in need.

I received a call today from Mike Leahey, Director of Broome County C.H.O.W., our listeners had donated almost 3000 pounds of food in just over 7 days, and that doesn't include the food barrels at our satellite locations.
So again, thank you Whale Listeners for your help and donations again this year.
You've helped to make the holidays brighter for many families in Broome County!

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