Foo Fighters fans who are open to some extra variety in the set list have a lot to look forward to on the band's current tour, according to guitarist Chris Shiflett, who estimates that they're playing "four or five new songs a night."

As Shiflett told Rolling Stone, that doesn't mean those who turn out to see the Foos on this tour will have no idea of what to expect. A substantial portion of the set list — about two hours, according to the guitarist — is more or less established. It's in the last stretch that things start to get unpredictable, for the audience as well as the band.

"When we get into that final third, Dave will start cutting, adding and rearranging songs, or he'll do stuff in a different order. You have to stay in the moment the whole time," Shiflett laughed. "You don't want to be up there thinking about, you know, the room service. It keeps you on your toes."

That loose energy doesn't mean the Foos are playing with anything less than the degree of professionalism one would expect from an arena act, however. In fact, Shiflett sees the group's current stage show as among their most well-developed — and as they settle into a tour groove after playing months of shows, he's feeling better than ever about their live chemistry.

"It's a long jaunt to play two-and-a-half or three hours every night," he added. "We've been on the road for the last eight months or so and I feel like we're in good form. We're hitting our stride, but we're not burnt out yet. People should expect to get their money's worth."

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