We all have needs. Mine is cash related. That theory about having lots of money and not knowing what to do with it or spend it on, would not be a problem for me. I have ideas...oh yea, I have ideas.

But, let's turn this conversation over to what I think (and others have expressed in conversation) the Binghamton area needs. Of course our area is blessed with so many great things, like restaurants, parks, shopping areas, bars( my favorite), concerts and shows, festivals and the list goes on and on. There are always things that can improve our area, or are on our wish list.

"So, Don Morgan, what do we need", you ask? Well...


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    24 Hour Veterinarian Services

    I understand some have hours in the evening and weekend, but what if your pet gets sick, say at 2am and can't wait until the vet offices open in the morning? Being a pet owner, I've had to wait. Fortunately the situation wasn't life threatening. With more and more people having pets, is the demand there, and can our veterinary offices afford to staff a 24 hour service? Thoughts or comments?

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    Uber or Lyft Services

    It has only been recent that I had heard of these services. At first it didn't make sense to me, since we have several traditional cab services. I guess it's what you call competition, and the opportunity for people to make some extra cash. Would you use one of these services rather than hailing a cab? Would you become a driver?

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    Airport Restaurant

    I understand the restaurant recently closed down. Was it because not enough people ate there? I'm not sure what they offered, but maybe some good diner food and huge windows to watch planes come and go during your meal would be cool!

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    Passenger Rail Service

    I'm not sure if enough people would ride the rails, but wouldn't be cool to hop aboard a train to say, NYC, or Buffalo, Philly or DC? So much easier and fun than driving.

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    Maybe free parking? Or at least timed free parking on our city and village streets. We certainly have parking ramp issues in Binghamton. Especially when a big event comes to town, like the Bernie Sanders rally. That day, I was lucky enough to grab one of the few spots left on level 8 (top level) of the State Street parking ramp. That was fun hiking the stairwell. Can't wait for the new elevators!

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