Yea, we who live in the Southern Tier have issues. We're not perfect and there are some things that we are not happy about or proud of, but there are also some things we are proud of, that when dissed, mostly from out-of-towners, we get pissed. Here's five I can think of.

Got any others you can add to the list? Positive, not negative.

  • Traci Taylor
    Traci Taylor

    Condiments on a Spiedie Sandwich

    How many times have you seen someone (probably from out of town and who have never tried a spiedie) squirt catsup or some other condiment all other that otherwise delicious local favorite? Ugh. It's several chunks of your favorite spiedie meat in a slice of Italian bread. That's it, thank you. Although I do like a combination of cheese and mushrooms with my chicken spiedie.

  • Traci Taylor/TownSquare Media Binghamton
    Traci Taylor/TownSquare Media Binghamton

    Misspell Binghamton

    Ok, I am guilty of 1977! I was new to the area, writing commercial copy for another local radio station, and spelled our fair city as Binghampton. I got laughed out the office. Lesson learned. How many times have we seen that dreaded 'p' written by those who don't even know where Binghamton is?

  • Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
    Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Dissing Local Weather

    Fine, so one year we get too much snow, one year (this year) we get too much rain. It's too cloudy, it's too hot, it's too cold. We're in the northeast and that's what we get. Out of towners may say our weather sucks, but we don't experience some of the uncomfortable weather issues other parts of the country get like hurricanes, and excessively hot weather, so there's that. Weak argument, maybe?

  • WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo
    WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo

    There's Nothing To Do in the Southern Tier

    That's an observation with no merit. OK, so you may be from a really fun city like Austin, Texas or Nashville, Tennessee, but hey, we have lot's of things to keep you entertained, shop and many fun experiences. For example, we have plenty of performing arts, great sporting events, local music and arts scene, great places to shop and a huge variety of restaurants to enjoy. For those out of towners who complain, spend a week in a small town that has one intersection and rolls in the sidewalks at 6 pm, and then tell me our area has nothing for you to do.

  • 5

    The Greater Binghamton Area is Rundown

    Well, there could be an argument about that, depending what area you are talking about (and that goes for every town and city in the USA), but over the past decade or so, much improvement has been made. Many parts of our Southern Tier have been spruced up, businesses have taken over empty storefronts and old buildings that have been unoccupied for a while. Our area is not perfect, but a lot of effort is being made to improve the Southern Tier, and we'll get there thank you very much.

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