It's been a long six months. From November 1st 2017 to May 1st 2018, I've been counting the days. 181 of them.

From the time the leaves disappeared in November to the time the snow finally dissipates (and this year that was right up to the end of April), it's been a long dark road to the return of camping season for me and my fellow campers.

You may wonder why it's such a big deal. Basically this is my hobby, passion or whatever you call it. During the other six months, I usually go to work, go home and repeat, except for weekends where I'm stuck inside the house. Not really a winter outdoor person.

During camping season, every weekend I'm free, you will find me at the campground. Oddly, my camper and the space around it is much nicer than my house and property. Maybe it's because of the location. My house is located in the city and my camper is in the beautiful countryside.

So day one, May 1st, I arrived at camp. First order was to unload all the crap I've been buying for the upcoming season, open up the slides, plug in electric and water, turn everything on (everything worked) and began the two day process of getting all back in camping order. A few cans of beer helped the process.

Those two days went by fast. The following weekend allowed me to get the rest completed, and now it's time to enjoy the next five months and three weeks of camping bliss from weekends and vacations. I'm now a happy camper.

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