The new Pokemon Go mobile phone app  has been uploaded by millions, but it will never be as memorable as some of these past fads that swept the nation.

Here are my top 5 favorite fads of the past

  1. The Eight Track Tape Player: First became available in the mid 1960's in automobiles, then in homes throughout America, and continued its popular run until it was over powered by cassette tape.
  2. The Have a Nice Day Smiley Face: The design was on everything in the 1970's, we had a cookie jar, a bank, and even a lunch box with the round yellow circle with a smiling face design, originally created back in the 1960's for an insurance agency campaign, it was reinvented and marketed in the early seventies and is still sold as retro merchandise today.
  3. Mexican Jumping Beans: Another big fad in the 1970's they we not actual beans but moth larvae that were inside seed pods. I has a few of these and never knew that, but neither did 20 million other people who bought them during the Jumping Bean craze.
  4. The Superball:I think every kid in the 60's and 70's had one of these high bouncing balls that seem to soar into the stratosphere when you bounced it hard off the sidewalk or playground, made by the people who gave us the Frisbee, Wham-O.
  5. Streaking: This fad was created within the college community, primarily in the south, in which students would take off their clothes and run around like a two year old, it wasn't long before it caught on all over the country and even made its way to prime time television in 1974, when a streaker ran across the stage during the academy awards presentations.

There have been many fad crazes before and after these and 20 years from now people will probably be talking about Twerking, Smart Phones and possibly Pokemon Go.