With the beautiful weather we had yesterday, and with my wife being off from work, I bolted out of work a little earlier than usual so my wife and I could go golfing. Usually, before we golf, I have a stretching routine that I run through.

Yesterday, we had a chance to tee off before our scheduled tee time but we had to go as soon as we arrived at the course. So I only did about a third of the stretches I usually do. All morning yesterday my back felt a little stiff and I figured at some point during the round I would be able to get the rest of my stretching in. I felt a little stiff on the first two holes, but I was still ok.

Then came hole number three. A 530-yard par 5. I pulled out my driver for the first time in the round, took a couple of practice swings, and then tried to crush it. That was a mistake.

As I was just about to make contact with the ball I I heard and felt a pop in my lower back. I actually let out a groan and bent over. I said to my wife, "I hope you saw where that went because I'm seeing stars." I threw my back out slightly. I finished the round and I felt like I was walking crooked for the remaining 15 holes.

After golf, I went home and sat down, and I could not get comfortable. This morning, laying in bed, I thought to myself, my back feels much better. I tried to roll over to get out of bed and let out a yelp. I ended up sliding out of the bed and walking sideways to the shower where I let the hot water hit my back for a good 10 minutes.

I throw my back out on average between two and four times a year. I end up walking crooked and it usually takes about five days to get back to normal. I had to sneeze this morning. I'm glad the mic wasn't on at the time because I would have aired a word that the FCC doesn't allow on the radio. It's days like this that I wish we still had our hot tub.

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