Music can be a refuge for all of us in times of trouble — and that's just as true for the people who make it, as Elton John reminded fans when he took to the stage in Hamburg the day after his mother passed away.

As captured via the fan-shot footage embedded below, John shared his sad news with the crowd, admitting the day before had been "sad and hard" as he processed his 92-year-old mother's death. "I’m glad to say she passed away peacefully and in no pain, but maybe sooner than she should have," said John. "And so I was quite shocked."

Looking for a way to honor their bond, John settled on a well-known song from his back pages — one that, as he told the audience, actually has a crucial connection with his mother. "This next song I wrote at her house, or apartment, and I can remember every single minute of writing this song with Bernie [Taupin]," he continued. "So, this is the song I want to dedicate to her. It’s taken me from nowhere to somewhere, so thank you, Mom."

That composition, John's signature early hit "Your Song," helped pave the way for his subsequent success, breaking into the Top 10 on either side of the Atlantic and remaining a consistent favorite for artists seeking material to cover. While it isn't traditionally thought of as a song of mourning, it's a perfectly fitting choice — and John's performance added a powerfully poignant moment to a show that had to have been one of his hardest to finish.

Watch Elton John Dedicate "Your Song" to His Mother

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