Wolfgang Van Halen recalled how his late dad, Eddie Van Halen, introduced him to the unabashedly crude AC/DC song “Big Balls” when he was in second grade.

Eddie waited until his then-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, was busy elsewhere before playing the track for their son during a holiday road trip.

“In second grade my parents took me out of school for a week,” Wolfgang said during an episode of HardDrive Radio’s Ask Anything Chat, which can be seen below. “My dad rented a Winnebago, and we went to the Grand Canyon. I remember we stopped somewhere and my mom went to the bathroom, and Dad was like [quietly], ‘Wolf, come check this out.’ And he showed me the song ‘Big Balls’ by AC/DC … and that song made me laugh so hard.”

He added that Bon Scott’s campy vocal delivery “was something that my Dad and I really bonded over,” continuing: “We loved that. So that might be one of my earliest memories of a favorite song.”

He also revealed that AC/DC played an influential role in their relationship a few years later, when he wanted to start playing drums. “My dad put a bunch of magazines on a table, and he was like, ‘With this one, do this; with this one, do that; and if you can put your foot in between, that is a drumbeat. It was kinda like ‘Highway to Hell’ … and the second he saw I could do that, he was like, ‘Yes!’”

Wolfgang was also asked about the best advice his mom ever gave him. “Certainly not how to cook onion rings,” he replied with a mischievous grin, before adding: “Something she instilled in me at an early age was to treat people how you’d like to be treated. And I think that is a really important tenet to live by – unless you like to treat yourself like crap … Hopefully you like to treat yourself good and you’ll do that to everybody else.”

Mammoth WVH, the self-titled debut album on which Wolfgang wrote, played and sang every song, arrives in stores on June 11. He has released two songs from the project so far, "Distance" and "You're to Blame."

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