In one of the more unexpected tributes to late guitarist Eddie Van Halen, a Jawa from Star Wars can be seen playing “Eruption” in memory of the “intergalactic legend.”

“This was an extremely fun way to pay respects to a musical legend and to also challenge myself to recreate Eddie's amazing solo, frame by frame via stop-motion animation,” creator Thomas J. Yagodinski said. “Is it perfect? Of course not. That's impossible and nothing ever is. ... The Jawa is a stop-motion puppet I fabricated, and the guitar is the 1:4 scale mini guitar EVH-004 that I further customized. … Hope you have as fun watching as I had creating.”

Before embarking on its “performance,” the Jawa says, “Edward Lodewijk Van Halen was a virtuoso, innovator, intergalactic legend. Rumors exist of his origin in this galaxy. Once, I scavenged an artifact. I study and learn in deepest tribute.”

You can watch the video below.

“Eruption” was recorded in 1977 and appeared on Van Halen’s debut album the following year, but it wouldn’t have happened if Eddie Van Halen had stuck to his guns.

Admitting he didn’t think it was worth recording, he once recalled: “Our producer, Ted Templeman, heard me practicing it for an upcoming gig and asked, ‘What the hell is that?’ I said, ‘It’s a thing I do live. It’s my guitar solo.’ His immediate reaction was, ‘Roll tape.’ I just didn’t think it was something we’d put on a record. Everyone else agreed that we should throw it on.”


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