2018 is flying by so far. This Sunday is Easter Sunday. Easter has come early this year. Being that I am Catholic, this is the biggest day in our religion. It actually starts with Holy Week this Thursday with Holy Thursday. Friday is Good Friday which is the day that Jesus was nailed to the cross and died. Sunday we celebrate that he resurrected from the dead. I will be attending church more this week than any other time of the year.

Another thing I really look forward to on Easter is Easter dinner with most of my family. Most of us get together and enjoy a ham dinner with halupki and all the sides. We don't always get together often, so I really enjoy the time we spend together. After we are done eating, I'm sure we will break out the board games and play for hours while having a few adult beverages. We always play games like Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity and we laugh to the point that our sides hurt.

And being that my wife's family celebrated Orthodox Easter, we will be celebrating another Easter the following Sunday. On Sunday the 8th we have all her cousins over our house with their kids and in some cases their grandkids. Again we will be enjoying him and halupki and all the side dishes as well. The last few years we have played a few games of LCR! That's always fun as well and you can win some cash.

Come April ninth I will be very sick of ham and won't want to have it again for a few months.

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