Each year in April we are reminded to conserve our natural resources, and take a stand on environmental issues to save our planet.

Today is Earth Day and since 1970 groups, organizations, businesses, individuals, and world leaders have gathered to show support for our planet.

We live in a world that creates greenhouse gas 24 hours a day. From the electricity we use, the fuel to heat our homes, to the garbage we throw away, and the cars we drive.

Each year at this time, we're reminded of the things we need to do to help save our planet. Yet we revert back to our day to day routines as early as the next day.

I have made small changes in my life, but I'm in no position to throw stones.

I think the only way we can truly make a difference in reducing our carbon footprints is to force society into making these changes. But will it be too late by the time we actually enforce those changes?

The EPA has several suggestions that we can all do to help our planet. CLICK HERE to see them.