As our list of Eagles Solo Albums Ranked Worst to Best shows, it was easier for some members of the legendary country-rock group to go their own way than it was for others.

Don Henley and Glenn Frey got off to relatively quick starts, though Frey's music career cooled faster as he began focusing on other career goals. Joe Walsh arrived with a solo resume of his own, having had hits with Barnstorm and, to a lesser degree, the James Gang.

But Randy Meisner struggled from the first, releasing three largely overlooked albums during the first few years after his departure. Like fellow co-founding Eagles member Bernie Leadon, Meisner ended up working primarily as a sideman. Don Felder has put out only two records on his own. Then there was Timothy B. Schmit, perhaps the most snakebit of them all.

Schmit joined Poco in 1969, replacing Meisner for the first of two times, but that critically acclaimed band remained largely ignored. Schmit then took over for Meisner in the Eagles seven years later, just as the band was coming off a tour in support of the career-making Hotel California album. It took a year and half for the Eagles to complete The Long Run, then they promptly broke up. Schmit didn't get his solo career on track for decades.

Along the way, each has put out intriguing albums that recalled and, in some cases, expanded upon their time together. The focus here, however, is on rock or country-rock projects, since that's where the Eagles' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legacy lies. In keeping, we skipped Henley's deep-country themed Cass County and Frey's standards album After Hours.

We're also leaving aside live projects like Meisner's Dallas and Walsh's You Can't Argue With a Sick Mind, and odds-and-ends collections, including Meisner's Love Me or Leave Me Alone. Also left off are sideman projects – as great as they are – when Leadon sat in with Dillard and Clark and the Flying Burrito Brothers, since he wasn't a frontman on those albums.

Finally, latter-day contributors like Vince Gill weren't considered because they didn't take part in the creative side of things with the Eagles. So, which album came out on top on our list of Eagles Solo Albums Ranked Worst to Best? Find out ...

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