Music groups are a lot like families and, as the above gallery of Rock's Most Dysfunctional Bands illustrates, they have many of the same issues as your average family.

Oh sure, it’s all fun and games at first: Musicians come together, unified by a shared love of performance. Outsized dreams put a rosy tint on any early disagreements that may crop up inside their still-developing personal relationships. (They do call it “playing” music, after all.) Once that initial rush of excitement subsides, however, underlying issues tend to bubble up.

It’s not a matter of if so much as how dysfunctional a band will become as they deal with the fame (or lack thereof) that inevitably surrounds rock and roll. What’s amazing is how the same internal issues that derail so many groups actually fuel a precious, special few. For the lucky ones, emotional tension between members actually sparks their creativity, to the point that their career actually thrives from all this drama.

Some of rock’s best-known acts have weathered and even prospered amidst the most outlandish internal dysfunction, while others have gone down the tubes. Sometimes, ironically enough, that process can contribute to their legend – thanks to all the gossip generated as they crashed to Earth. In this way, dysfunction appears to be as vital an ingredient in rock and roll as sex and drugs – oh yeah, and great music.

Check it out as we celebrate all of the dizzying heights and the just as precipitous lows of rock's most dysfunctional bands.

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