My wife and I were watching the news last night when a story came out about Drones, she was very surprised when I told her that companies like Google, Amazon. and even Walmart plan on using drones to delivery packages as early as next year.

Drones are becoming a mainstream interest in this country and the FAA is scrambling to set up regulations and guidelines for their use.

One of the big concerns is the potential risk of operating these devices in the same airspace as manned crafts, and aa the popularity of these UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) increases, so does the threat of a collision with another flying device.

Most of the drones in operation are purchased to enjoy as a hobby, but many businesses are looking at UAV's for use in aerial surveillance, and deliveries to homes and businesses.

Google has a research department specifically for drones and their use in the future, they plan on having drones that will delivery packages sometime in 2017.

Broome County Department of Aviation has set up a free public information meeting tomorrow night (January 27)  at 7pm in the Decker Room at the Jeffrey P Kraham Broome County Library, 185 Court Street, Binghamton.

This is open to anyone interested in learning about the safety concerns, operations, and federal guidelines of UAV's.

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