Last week a friend of mine on Facebook took a picture of a car parked illegally in between two handicap spots. This parking spot had the orange lines going through it with a handicap accessible ramp at the end of the spot. These spots are for loading and unloading of handicapped people. When people have vans that have the wheelchair ramps, they park there vans next to these spots so they can put the ramp down and get in and out of their vehicles. And with the ramp up to the curb being blocked, whether a person was in a wheelchair or using a walker, they wouldn't be able to get on the sidewalk.

This frustrates the hell out of me. I see it all the time at business down the street from my house. I always said ,God forbid, if I was forced to use a wheelchair, and I had one of those vans, I would park next to somebody that's parked illegally in those spots, and just keep dropping my ramp down on top of their vehicle over and over again until, they came out to see what was going on. Then, I would look at them in say 'oh I'm sorry, I didn't see your car parked illegally there'.

Well it turns out that someone called the police this car that my friend took the picture of. The cops showed up and issued them a ticket. I believe it was a $75 ticket. The person who parked there had the gall to argue with the cops saying they were only parked there for a few minutes.

My personal opinion, I don't give a crap. You have healthy legs, park in a regular parking spot and walk you lazy bastard. Just be grateful that you are not stricken to a wheelchair.

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