No, I'm not trying to be morbid, but we've all heard the comment many times that when a celebrity passes away, two more are to follow. And more than once it has come true.

Take this weekend for example. Malcolm Young, Mel Tillis, and Charles Manson all passed away. By my count, that's three. Not sure you would call Charles Manson a celebrity, but he certainly was famous.

Malcolm and Mel were both classic acts. Great people who contributed much to the world of rock and country respectively. Growing up, my family listened to Country and Western music, and we had a few Mel Tillis records at home.

AC/DC is one of my all-time favorite rock bands, so I'm sad that the founders of the band are no longer with us. But their music will forever be with us, so crank up your speakers and let's jam to some good ol' AC/DC. RIP Malcolm and Mel.


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