Back in the good old days of the 1980s, for many young boys, the electric football set was a big deal. I can remember when a group of us would start our own inter-city football league.

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According to, the electric football game was invented in 1948 and is still popular today. I think the thing most people loved about the game, be sized the buzz sound that the game made when it was turned on, is the fact that when you set up your 11 piece football army, you are the coach and the excitement of running own team made the game fun and competitive.

Many of us in the neighborhood would customize our players, the electric football set was a piece of aluminum painted to resemble a football field with an electric motor attached to make the football men move in the direction you set them to go in. Customizing your player by making it heavier would give you a slight advantage over your competition.

The electric football set was not always a perfect science, it had some issues at times if you weren't skilled at making your players move in the right direction. Sometimes when the football set was turned on, your players would just spin in circles. I would love to see the children in today's society experience the fun we had with this game as young men.

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