We all do it from time to time. If someone tells you they never do it, they are a liar. Picking you nose. Some times when you breath out and you feel that one booger hanging from your nose and when you breath in, it goes back inside and when you breath out it starts flapping in the breeze. So, what do you do? You pick your nose, hopefully not in front of people and hopefully with a tissue, but then what do you do with it?


This is where this is REALLY going to get disgusting. According to The Telegraph, Scientist from Harvard and MIT released the results of a study that more or less says, eating your mucus can prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth and the good bacteria you're digesting can help fight against everything from ulcers to HIV.


The Telegraph went on to say that they are now going to start developing a toothpaste and gum made out of synthetic mucus to give you the benefits of boogers with out all the digging or ingesting.


I do have two questions.

1.) Who the hell volunteered to be the ginny pig for this?
2.) What will the gum and toothpaste taste like?


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