May 25th 1985, the number one album on the charts in the UK was 'Brothers In Arms' by the Dire Straits. It also hit the number one spot in many other countries, including the US where it stayed in the top spot for nine weeks. That's quite an accomplishment.

'Brothers In Arms' was released on album and cassette as you would expect, but this was also the beginning of the CD era, and this album was one of the first to be released on compact disc. I remember back then a CD player cost about 1000 dollars. Now it's hard to even find one to buy!

The album, which was released on May 13th 1985, has won several awards over the years, and has sold well over 30 million. Check out Dire Straits performing 'Money For Nothing' at Live Aid '85 with Sting for this week's edition of your Classic Rock Pick.