According to Atlas Obscura, a website that provides random and "obscure" (Obscura... see what they did there?) facts, the state of New York is the “capital of the world” for 2 separate products. Oh and sorry Binghamton, while we’re the official "Carousel Capital", we don’t register on this particular list. Both of these subject matters come as somewhat of a surprise:

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1.) New York City, Wall Street - "The Capital Capital of the World"

That's right, it's kind of a play on words. It's the "capital" (head of, in charge of) "capital" (money, dollars, income) of the world. It's no secret that Wall Street drives the economy in our country, but it also drives the economy of much of the world. Wall Street dictates much of the investments overall, and exchange rates between countries.

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2.) Le Roy, NY - Jell-O

Le Roy, New York is known as the birthplace of "America's Most Famous Dessert". In 1897, a carpenter and cough syrup manufacturer named Pearle Bixby Wait trademarked a dessert that he called "Jell-O. Pearle and his wife May added strawberry, orange, raspberry, and lemon to their gelatin with sugar, and sold if off to an the Genesee Pure Food Company - and the rest is history. Spokesmen aside, Jell-O has become one of the most famous, and favorite desserts in the world - and only within the last 50 years, has been mixed (typically a 1/3 mix) with your favorite liquor to create Jell-O shots!

(via Atlas Obscura)